All you humans ever known to Noodle Planet and think that's the best that you can do, have you ever tried Noodle City? It's one of my favorite joints that my parents used to take us to. Sometimes, they would even bring home take-out and I would remember finding the largest bowl I can get my hands on to mix my noodles together. These are moments you kind of forget and take for granted. Lately, I've been really thinking and appreciating all the delicious memories that I've received growing up. My parents literally fed us every type of cuisine you can think of. From having sushi at Todai Buffet (really? don't judge), every fast food joint, chili cheese fries, street tacos, chicharron from Super A, the best fried chicken from Pioneers followed by Popeyes, and you everything else you can just imagine.

Noodle City is located right next to Noodle Planet on Valley BLVD in Alhambra.

 628 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803

The set up is not the greatest with the interior being a bit outdated. You kind of have this impression that maybe you should step out and go to Noodle World. Noodle City is strictly Vietnamese food. No weird fusions or other cuisines like Thai/Chinese/Japanese muddled into a menu.

The menu itself, is simple yet complicated. Complicated in a good way of course. You can literally find every combination you would like. Broken rice with pork chop. Broken rice with egg rolls pork chop and steamed egg. Broken rice with shredded pork skin and steamed egg. You get the point. There was a lot of things I wanted. But when I saw Lemongrass beef on the menu, I literally salivated. I was imagining taking every bite, with a citrus burst of flavor, with the fresh cut veggies and basil, and the fish sauce mix with a big glob of chili garlic/sambal to give it more heat.

Lemongrass Beef soupless noodle

What's not to get excited about? Everything that I just described prior to eating this, met the expectations and more. Everything just tasted super fresh. The lettuce, cucumbers and basil. The spicy sauce drizzled onto each bite. I'm salivating all over again as I am thinking back on this.

Combo pho

Combo pho

Combo phos normally has everything in it. Rare steak slices, brisket, tendon, tripe, beef balls. Douse this with bean sprouts, basil, fresh jalapeno, lime juice, culantro, and a whole lot of Sriracha. Oh and a lot of napkins to wipe your face.

If you ever have time or in the area and craving Vietnamese food, do give this place a try. I also believe credit/debits are acceptable with $10+. And the service can be slightly awkward... or to say it in a nice way, thug life. Don't be intimidated or feel mistreated. Just say your pleases and thank you's as you should in any other restaurant.

Slurps Up!