I've drove by this place a few times within a week. And every time I would check the reviews, it would remind me that they have a $1 fish taco deal every Wednesday. I was feeling a bit under last week and decided to stay home to rest (conveniently on a Wednesday). Being pretty hungry and wanted to stay local, I remembered this place, finally.

2123 San Gabriel Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770

Pulling in, I had high hopes that this was going to be one of those "hole in the wall" gems that people rave about. Honestly, I am sick of people raving about how great a joint is because it's small, cheap, family owned, friendly service, in a ghetto neighborhood where you shouldn't be bringing your Chanel, the best secret find. Yeah, I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this place.

When pulling into the small cramped parking lot shared with the donut shop, you kind of think to yourself "Ooo, donuts sound amazing right now" but then you remembered, "Oh that's right! $1 fish tacos!", and you think you are winning because this was going to be a gem in the neighborhood where nobody knows about.

Once we stepped in, all you can smell was oil and bad insulation. You know, when you are frying up some chicken or potatoes at home and you realize the oil is too hot creating a whole mushroom cloud of smoke that you are fighting to open all the windows and doors to air out your house? That's what we walked into. And there was definitely no chance of escaping from it. It made me skeptical. Doubt my judgements. Maybe the donut route was the better choice. But I am a sucker. Just give me that smile and you can just take my money.

Just take my money.

Fish Tacos

The batter for the fish tasted like it was soaked in oil for a long time. Oh, by the way, it took a while for these tacos to come out. Yes, it looks beautiful and delicious, which it kind of is if you like the flavor of burnt oil, but the flavors could've elevated if the oil that was used didn't taste old, cooked at the right temp (one of my fishes were burnt on the bottom), and added some more flavors and seasoning to the fish and salsa.

Eggs and Chorizo

Was overcooked and the chorizo had no flavor. This was a safe dish to order, but I've had dirt cheap chorizo eggs that tasted a lot better (even the samples they make at Costco are tasty!).

Maybe it's just a bad day? There was only one chef and one guy running the whole place. He was very kind and hard working. I would come back just to show support for their dedication to serve the community.

Next time I go back, I'll try their meat tacos, their fish tacos again, and this giant taco called Old California. Just imagine a giant taco that's deep fried.

There are also a lot of other joints in Montebello/Whittier/East LA has a TON of $1 fish taco Wednesdays that are AMAZING. I'll venture off on that soon, just for you.