Kings Row is one of those spots that you've seen, but you were never aware of the name. The conversation always goes "Where is that?", "It's in the alley next to Coffee Bean", "OH THAT place! I walk by it all the time and wondered what it was!".

The FIRST time I came to Kings Row was one of my luckiest. I came exactly on the 3rd Thursday of the month. And if you don't know what that means, now you know, because I'm going to tell you, Right, Now.

They roast a whole pig in a China Box for 12 hours. The pig is in a beer brine for 2 days before it hits the box. Happy Hour also ends at 7pm, so whatever drink you are having I recommend ordering a double each time you go up. There's no table service, so all orders are to be placed at the bar. A plate of this succulent will cost you $15, but it also comes with delicious Mac&Cheese and a side garden salad. The pig sees the light at 6PM so come early.

$15 Pig Plate

This was my 3rd time coming to Kings Row. I always ask for the crispy skin, and sometimes, extra crispy (they would fry it). If you don't understand why it's so freaking amazing, just close your eyes and put that sh*t in your mouth. You can't complain about crunchy pig skin. You just can't. I got extremely lucky with my cut this time because it was near the belly. And if you don't understand what that means, then - YOU NEED TO FIND A WAY TO LIVE.

These wings were in a brine for 24 hours, TWICE fried, and drenched in a chipotle honey glaze served with a side of herbaceous ranch. Kings has a pretty fun menu and I would definitely come back just to try out their other items. These wings stay true to the name given. The chipotle was smoky and balances perfectly with the honey. The key is that they were twice fried to make sure that crunch holds up to the drench. Easy to share or hard? I went to order a drink and they were gone when I got back.


This image was from the previous time that I stopped by. Salad seems to change, but it's still tasty. But honestly speaking, no one really cares about the salad. Pig and MacCccheeeese, there's no saving from this.

Enjoy and see you there next month! Or before.