There's just something so special about breakfast/brunch on the weekends. I just love waking up early in the morning, to look forward to a fantastic day. Although I haven't had time to do much lately, this meal of the day is something I am always excited about. I love to eat out at restaurants. If you were to ask me what I did over the weekend, I will tell you something that involved something I made or a dining experience somewhere.

John and I went to a Sur La Table in Pasadena, which is by far one of my favorite places to go to. There's all kinds of inspiration I find when I go there, and finding things I never thought I would need. Basically, I need everything in that store. We were looking at pans, and the non-stick pan I currently have right now is failing to keep up with my massive cooking needs. I've been in need of a larger pan of some sort that has a lot of surface rather than depth. We ran into a pan made by "Scanpan" that seemed like what I was looking for. Not much hesitation even though it took us about an hour in the store to commit to this purchase. What's also great about this non-stick pan is that it's scratch resistant.

Low and Behold, I put this little beast to work for one of my favorite breakfast brunch items: Breakfast Potatoes.

Breakfast Potatoes with Pancetta and Pretzel Bread.

I made everything you see here with one pan. The Pancetta was rendered until crispy before the potatoes were thrown in to be coated. I always microwave the potatoes before throwing them in a pan to cook. Doing so just helps with making sure the potatoes are cooked throughout, there's nothing I hate more than a beautiful golden crust than a undercooked crunchy potato inside. Some shallots were also added with sharp cheddar. Everything was assembled at the end with a few eqqs on top finished in the oven.



Breakfast potatoes with Pancetta, Eggs and Pretzel Bread.

If you've never had pretzel, do yourself a favor and try it. I am changed forever. The one you see here is from Whole Foods. Light brush of canola on top with a sprinkle of Kosher salt heated in the oven. Oh and a dazzle of Parsley for color.

This was such a treat! I always love a breakfast that makes me want to take a nap, I guess that's why the coffee is there for.

If you decide to get it, let me know what you think. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask.

Happy Cooking!