No matter how many different tortas I've tried here, their Molcajete and BBQ pulled pork always wins.

BBQ Pulled pork

The name itself pretty much says it. The pork is always cooked to perfection. Extremely tender and not overly sauced with the BBQ. What makes it amazing is the slaw. Perfect balance to cut through each bite. You really need to eat a whole row, left to right or right to left, each time. It's really delicious and I'm always torn between this and their Molcajete.


The marinade on the beef is outstanding. I love the citrus notes in each bite almost as if you were squeezing lime in your tacos. The chili salsa wasn't too spicy and their grilled queso really cools down the heat. Pack with meat, just the way I like it. The black bean spread wasn't overly strong as well, but made a nice glue for the sandwich. Which again works beautifully with the citrusy beef.

Cook's Tortas is located in Monterey Park, super close to my home. I highly recommend this to anyone if you are around Los Angeles. Don't forget to order their spicy roasted peppers to go along your sandwiches. Sides that we ordered were arroz con leches and mixed fruit. Both very tasty.

Cook's Tortas

1944 South Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754 (323)-278-3536