Back here again for a Holiday lunch. I mentioned before that I would love to come here to slug a few martinis, but today, I slugged a few old fashioned. Who care it's the holidays! right? Our waiter came by and presented the daily specials. I was craving salmon, but when he mentioned hanger steak, I knew that's what I needed to order no matter how much steak I will be eating this week. And since we are in the holidays, I asked for a side of horse radish cream because I am addicted. It's been kind of my new thing lately to eat all my steaks with horse radish cream. Try it, I'm sure you will like it too.

Hanger Steak here with mashed potatoes and asparagus. The steak is grilled and served with demi-glace sauce. Of course, it's medium rare or die. The meat was very flavorful, and tender, but more towards the center. I was in a happy place. The old fashioned made this taste even more decadent than it looks. I'm a carnivore and I love a red steak, but I could never order a rare steak. Medium rare is as far as I would go, unless I am eating tartare or carpaccio, of course.

I do recommend their specials. I noticed a lot of people order their pot pies. That will be my next hit list! Though I really want to have prime rib... Steak always prevails! but we will see next time.

Cheers and get grubbin!