With the 8 hour slow roasted pork I had left over (click here for recipe) I had enough to make 8 BBQ pork sliders. I just can't even begin with what you can make with leftover slow roasted pork. Even though my kitchen was a literal mess, the finished product was definitely worth the clean up.

I went to Ralphs grocery store after work today since it was just up the street to pick up the ingredients I needed to make this into another dish. I purchased a bag of original Kings Hawaiin rolls and a bag of "Dole Sunflower Chopped Salad" - tastes like sweet coleslaw.

In the bag of salad, it comes with a pack of bacon and sunflower seeds. I mixed the chopped salad with the sweet onion dressing that came with it, and set the sunflower seeds to the side (not used in this recipe). With the pack of bacon, I heated a hot pan to crispy the bacon up a bit. I then threw in the leftover pork butt, and watched it dance in the pan a little bit. It gets a little mesmerizing watching the cold fat slow render and melt around like lava. Now, the spices.

I added 1 teaspoon of Ancho chili powder, 1 teaspoon of cayenne, and 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika. There is no need to add any more salt since the pork is already salted. When the pork is heated through and starts charring up, add in your favorite barbecuesauce. Make sure you don't over sauce your pork.

yes. I have a pork chalk board. I love pork, what can I say.

I toasted the Hawaiin rolls on the inside until it gets nice and crusty. Now, start layering. Beware if you are very hungry like me. You will want to pile as much of everything as you can. The crispy onions strings you see were leftovers from The Counter Burger that I reheated in my Breville convectional oven.

I'm not a huge sandwich gal. But if I were to order a sandwich, I would want it to have a lot of meat. No turkey. No roast beef. I want it hot and heavy. Give me a steak sandwich or non type of deal. I die a little when people want to get sandwiches for lunch. But, most sandwiches I do have are the ones I make. Just because I can put whatever the F I want and no one can say otherwise. Besides John. John will give me a hard time later when he sees this. 4 humungo sliders that I devoured. Was full after the 3rd but I kept going.

There you go with 3 pounds of pork but. That's 4.5 plates of carnitas and rice, and 8 bbq sliders. Not bad at all. Though I am a bit depressed seeing all these Victorias Secret models in their "Train like an Angel" mode. And here I am. Making pulled pork, laying on the couch watching the Matrix. What is this life? What is this life.

But at the end of the day. I cannot give this up. I cannot go on any diets, because I would die early from depression. There are things I need need to have: white rice, hot cheetos, french fries, burgers, steak, tacos. Beverages is all the above minus diet sodas.

Now. Going to not do anything but brush my teeth and head to bed. And dream about BBQ pulled pork. I deserved it. I've been winning on this low and slow game.

Sincerely your pork lover,


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