First of all, everyone needs to get a bottle of Thrive Algae oil. Everything that you see tonight was cooked or prepared with the oil.

I had the pleasure of attending another Algae Oil even at the Thrive House. This time, it was a cocktail party. From my last experience, I was able to sample many dishes that were cooked with Thrive's Algae Oil. This time, I was able to bring some friends with me to mingle, and for them to try how awesome Algae oil is.

Thrive Bar

Of course I was drawn to where the drinks were. But, they had an amazing cocktail served tonight.

Thrive Cocktail

Thrive Cocktail

This was an avocado drink! The cocktail consisted of white rum, avocado, agave, fresh lime juice, and a touch of sea salt. I loved the lime, a lot. It actually made the drink itself taste like kiwi. It was extremely fresh, so easy to drink, and it actually tasted like a smoothie. The salt also complimented the avocado throughout the drink. I mean if you think about it, it totally makes since. I normally eat my avocados with a dash of salt. Thrive wanted to promote the good fat in the avocado, so what better way to do that than in a cocktail. Now... they need to bottle this and sell it in stores.

Avocado Toast

These little corners were delicious. I believed they had a togarashi dressing they drizzled on because I tasted that slight hint of heat. I'm not complaining since I love spicy foods. The avocado were really creamy. The toast they used had seeds which gave it a good contrast with the avocado. The avocado had a consistency of mouse, so a crunchy toast with texture worked really well. 

Roasted Grapes - Chevre - Prosciutto - Crostini

Yes these babies were back tonight with Prosciutto vengeance. I'm telling you. Best cocktail party appetizer for the year! The prosciutto was nice and smokey, and almost had this roast duck crackling flavor which I LOVE. This is definitely going to be something you will see me make with Thrive algae oil during the holidays.

Mini Tofu Tacos

First of all, I thought the tofu was chicken. These were so adorable! So adorable I had 5. My friend Tamara were eyeing these the whole night, but the cocktail servers knew to bring them our way when they were ready. All the flavors complimented each other so well. I loved the simple spice rub that was put on the chicken. The tofu was sauteed in Algae oil, which again I was not able to taste. It's a great way to incorporate your ingredients without feeling like your oil is going to take over the dish.

Quinoa Fritters

These, I don't remember how many I had. My friend Frances definitely chowed on a few (believed these were her favorites). Ok these were also pretty freaking amazing as well. I'm really excited to experiment with the oil, and see how well it sears. By the looks, and taste of this fritter, I can let you know that It was crispy all around. And another one of those easy dishes to make at your holiday party.

Rosemary Nut Mix with Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans and Peanuts with Rosemary infused Thrive Algae Oil.

Fellas, these are your ultimate beer nuts. And ladies, you will drop jaws if you made this. I can't tell you how many handfuls we had, but you can really taste the velvety texture from the oil (SO GOOD). Thrive should create "Thrive Nuts". That sounds catchy doesn't it? I'm like, anticipating and hoping there will be a THRIVE SNACK STORE online. Just imagine how much great things that can happen? Everything had been fantastic we just wanted to have everything in containers!

Lemongrass Prawn - cucumber - carrots- pea shoot - rice paper wrap

I'm starting to realize that I actually ate a lot at thise vent. I think I had 5 of these as well if not more. Maybe I'm crazy, but I thought there was ginger in this. The oil was used to cook the prawn as well as the prepared dipping sauce for it. Spring roll wraps... let me take notes to make that during the holidays.

Veggie Platter

This was one of the funnest veggie platters I've had. They almost made a balsamic vinaigrette with the Algae Oil. I was so surprised with the consistency the dressing came out. It was a little thick in the best way to stick to the vegetables. Another holiday item this year. It's so simple, but I am really stoked about this one.

From Avocado cocktails, to wine, to beer. Why not right? Beer and BEER NUTS. So perfect.

Chicken and Haloumi skewers

Chicken cooked perfectly with a nice sear, paired with a roasted pepper dipping sauce. The sauce was also made with Thrive Algae Oil. The oil goes great into preparing sauces since the flavors are not over powering.

Chef Caroline Fey

Chef Caroline Fey is AMAZING. From the first coursed dinner I had with her preparations were beyond my expectations. This cocktail party was fantastic as well. There wasn't really one dish that stood out over the other. All the items served that night were fun and simple yet innovative. What I also loved, again, is how I could not taste the oil in the foods that were made. You just don't think about it. A lot of people probably perceive the oil to be oceanic of some sort, but it really isn't. Also, the chef was able to speak with us as she was preparing the meals. She was able to tell us why she loves the product and how great it was to use the oil in the dishes that were served that night. Thank you Chef for an amazing meal!

Goodnight Los Angeles

The day after the rain is always the most beautiful. The air was crispy, clear, and cold. The first cold weather in Los Angeles to be shared with Thrive. Is it winter yet? It sure feels like it. But, if you are curious about Thrive, feel free to check out their website here:

They sell their oils online, and currently only, exclusively, at your local Los Angeles Gelson's. I believe that this oil will help a lot of families. Don't forget that 1 tablespoon equals 1 avocado. You get all the good stuff in 1 tablespoon. Honestly, you can't beat that.

Stay tuned for food dishes that I am planning on creating.

Happy Holidays!