I've only seen rolled ice cream in videos and thought how fun and somewhat genius it was. The mixture is basically in liquid form, poured onto a cold stone with the toppings, crushed and mixed up, until it starts forming a paste. The paste is then spread and flatted all around the stone, until it's solid enough to scrape and roll.

I got an invite from @damoneats for the new rolled ice cream served at Chelo Creamery. It was another special event where all foodies and LA lifestyle media individuals, gather to take endless photos of their food. Being a small ice cream shop (in terms of space), it got packed, quick.

With only 2 surfaces for them to mash and roll, I waited 1 hour, before I received my rolled up ice cream. Now, being that I'm a little lactose intolerant, will I wait 1 hour to get this again? Probably not. But, was it good? Absolutely. I would wait 15-20 minutes max, but anything over for ice cream can make me feel a little defeated. And waiting an hour, would give me the guilt trip that I do not want. That the rolls, might actually turn my stomach into rolls. And then, I would need to eat a salad for dinner. And that can't happen. No.. it just can't.

I ordered their salted caramel ice cream. It was very creamy, not too sweet, and a perfectly balanced touch of salt. Salted caramel is always my go to. Always. I would definitely order this again along with the strawberry cheesecake that looked fantastic. They also carried gelato, and I believe ice cream waffles (looked great I gained 10 pounds).


18558 Gale Ave. #158 Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Make sure to check them out tomorrow, Sunday 11/15/2015 to try some rolled ice cream.

By the way, I also want to come back for their durian. Yes. One of my favorite things. Stinky sweet onion flavor, what's not to love.

Happy rolling.