The name says it all. Restaurant search: Patio? check. Burgers? Check. BeER? Double down checking that. I don't know if you ever check my Instagram (@daiisies_eat) but I've been on this mass burger diet. And diet means more consumption. It's insane, gnarly, and it makes me feel fantastic.

I was picking up my best friend Jocelynn in Eagle Rock the other day, and we've decided to stay local (which is normally the case). She asked me where I wanted to go and I suggest Oinksters, because hey, it's Eagle Rock. She asked if that's what I felt like and "sure that's fine" which is totally NOT fine. Like-sorry I don't live here anymore. It's like someone visiting California wanting to eat at In & Out. I asked her what she recommended. After little thinking, she recommended the Patio Burgers and Beer.

Address: 4541 N Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

It's a really small joint, pay attention or you will miss it. This place used to be "The Bucket" but has closed after many years of service. I was super excited even though I had a sandwich for lunch and a burger for dinner the night before. I really don't care so get off my back. Oh and yes, I do exercise.

Their menu is really simple. Maybe time to time, they will serve a special burger of the day, but there was none when we went. So let's get it ON.

I ordered their regular burger with added avocados, and Jocelynn ordered a cheeseburger. We also ordered their loaded fries which consisted of cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions and their house sauce. Two beers were ordered. She ordered a blonde, and a double IPA for me by 805 local brewery. Both beers were fantastic.


The burger is pretty much self explanatory. But don't worry let me explain it to you. The meat had a very nice crust on it. I haven't had a burger like this in a long time where the grill would char a crust on the meat itself. I love it. With thin slices of red onions, pickles, shredded lettuce and their house sauce sandwiched with a thick brioche bun. I mean it when I say thick. The brioche was one of densest I've had. With a good char on the buns as well, it really held up to it's shape. The burger was cooked medium. For the add ons, they only offer avocados, bacon, fried egg and 3 cheese to choose from (cheddar, swiss, bleu). I wished they offered fresh Jalapenos.

Loaded fries

I squished this into my burger. The fries could've had a little more salt in my opinion and a tad more cooking time. I did enjoy the grilled onions with some crispy edges, the shredded cheese that melts ever so gently on top of the fries.

I see a lot of potential for this place. Let me know your thoughts after giving it a try.

Happy burger biting!