Hi Guys! It's been a while, but I am back after a busy week. If you follow my Instagram: daiisies_eat, you will see a post I made of Bun Rieu.

My mom called me on my way home from work to let me know she made some Vietnamese noodle soup for me to take home. I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I was going to enjoy it. I think when it comes to flavor, I get that from my mom. But when it comes to creativity, I get that from my dad. Because everything my mom makes, I love. My dad? I'm not sure I know where to start... but he definitely gets an A for reaching out of the box... (sorry pops!).

Upon arrival to my moms, I noticed she was lugging out this huge bag. I wasn't sure what was inside besides "Vietnamese Noodles". I kept thinking it was Pho, because... heck we are Chinese, since when did my mom know how to make anything Vietnamese?

After parking my car, I did the usual with grabbing my phone, keys, bag, lunch pale, and then the dinner my mom made. It was HEAVIER than I expected. If my neighbors didn't know who I was, they would've probably assumed I stole something with my expression.

Mystery Pot

Well, you guys already know what's inside since the post reads Bun Rieu and it was also mentioned in the beginning of this post. But, DENG just look at this. She was not kidding about dinner. It was literally Bun Rieu for days. She was smart to put newspaper underneath, because it was spilling the way that I was driving.

What's inside?! Ford wonders too.

Vermicelli noodles? Definitely not pho. My buddy boy there was intrigued with the smell too. On top of the loaded Vermicelli noodles were different herbs: mint (different kinds), Coriander, basil, and leafy romaine.


My heart exploded. Bun Rieu is a tomato based soup with crab, ground pork and shrimp, and some eggs mixed in throughout the soup. For this soup, my mom added pork feet and pork bone.

Put these babies together and you get:

The pork meat balls were mixed with shrimp. The soup had a strong crab shell flavor (Amazing). The pork feet has a nice gelatinous texture that I love. No it is not disgusting. I grew up eating this and probably had some when I was in my mums belly. I slurred in some thai spicy chili garlic paste to excel the flavors. It was a super hot day from what I remember. If I closed my eyes, I could swear I was in Asia. With the sweat dripping down my brows, the bubbles of sweat coming out of my back saying hello... and the awesome sweat stash that is haunting me for days.

Oh crap I just remembered that my mom made me wontons as well! I will update this with the recipe once my mom decides to teach me.

Now... go call your mom, and tell her you love her.. so she will make you some dinner.

Happy slurping.